Destiny 2 tops 220k concurrent players on Steam launch

Destiny 2 tops 220k concurrent players on Steam launch

Sci-fi online shooter Destiny 2 has finally made the move to Steam with a peak of 219, 997 users playing the title during its first day.

That's according to SteamDB, which says Bungie's title hit this milestone at around 01:50 BST today (Wednesday, October 2nd). This follows a great deal of excitement around the game, pre-orders for which were top of the Steam Top Ten last week.

Destiny 2 has also seen a pick-up in interest on Twitch, too. Analytics site SullyGnome reckons that in the last three days 1.1m hours of broadcasts for the game have been watched on the platform, an increase of 138.8 per cent. At its peak yesterday, Destiny 2 was being watched by 106,275 people. 

The move to Steam follows Bungie parting ways with Activision Blizzard at the start of 2019. The studio purchased the publishing rights for a pretty penny following Activision expressing dissatisfaction with how the game was performing.

COO Colister Johnson said that not owning the IP limited how much money Activision could make from Destiny.

It's worth noting that Destiny 2's move to Steam from Blizzard-operated comes alongside the launch of new expansion pack Shadowkeep, the game's fourth since its September 2017 release.

When its predecessor, September 2018's Forsaken, rolled out Destiny 2's player count apparently tripled with 1.4m users brawling in the title's PvP Crucible mode. How Bungie keeps its Steam players engaged in the long-run is the big question that hands over Destiny 2.

Before parting ways with Activision, Destiny had in the region of six million monthly active users.

Speaking ahead of the title's launch on Steam, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said that he wanted the company to be one of the world's best entertainment firms and that the studio intended to be a multi-franchise outfit by 2025. In 2018, Bungie took on $100m in investment from Chinese entertainment giant NetEase and shortly after applied for a trademark for something called 'Matter'.

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