Get involved with Big Screen Gaming at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4

Get involved with Big Screen Gaming at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4

Less than one week remains until Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4, which takes place between November 9th and 13th.

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital will continue our string of successful digital events. Yet again, we will provide excellent panels, interesting talks, and fringe events, and we have improved upon the meeting system since our last go around.

The number of tracks has increased for our fourth digital event. We have 16 insightful tracks for attendees to take in – subjects include growth, esports, live ops, global trends, Blockchain and big screen gaming.

Every day we will look at each of the 16 tracks in turn. Today is Big Screen Gaming, which kicks off at 9:30am BST on November 12th. There will a morning session and an afternoon session, with tons of great talks and speakers.

Big Screen Gaming

9:30am - The track will kick off bright and early with a superstar session from Ragnar Örn Kormáksson from CCP Games, the makers of mobile MMO Eve Echoes. His talk is about how going mobile can also bring players over to PC.

10:00 - Next up, we've got another superstar session, with Intellivsion Entertainment's Hans Ippich. He'll be hosting a talk all about getting back to the core roots of gaming.

10:30 - Politics in games? Absolutely. This next talk is titled 'Animal Farm: From Book To Game', about creating games with a strong political message. The talk is headed by Imre Jele from Bossa Studios.

11:00 - The next talk is double trouble from THQNordic Barcelona. Daniel Candil and Javier Untoria Zuniga, who will be discussing art, design and storytelling from their perspective.

11:30 - To round off the morning session, we've got a panel all about publishing in the midst of new consoles. Joining the panel, we have Kay Gruenwoldt from Paladin Studios, Jan Klose from Deck13 Interactive, and James Barnard from Springloaded.

Part two 

15:00 - To kick off the afternoon, we've got a session all about free to play vs. premium on consoles. Heading that talk will be Rodrigo Scharnberg from Rockhead Games. 

15:30 - The next talk swings us back to publishing, with Clark Stacey from Wildworks. He'll be giving the lowdown on publishing games for kids across multiple platforms.

16:00 - Next up, we're spoiling you with another superstar session, this time from Ariella Lehrer of Legacy Games. She'll be discussing her 35-year career in the games industry, all the milestones, and all the mistakes she can help you avoid.

16:30 - Leanne Loombe from Riot Games is up next with a talk all about expanding the League of Legends universe. Fans or makers of MOBAs, this is one for you.

17:00 -  New World Interactive's Jonathan Higgens takes the stage next, with a session on how user-generated content be utilised to drive user acquisition, retention and monetisation in premium. 

17:30 - What a day, huh? Rounding off the hefty Big Screen Gaming track, we've got another panel. It's all about taking advantage of available stores, and it features Taewon Yun from Super Evil Megacorp, Bill Wang from Skystone Games, Liam O'Neill from Raw Fury, Gøran Myrland from Misc Games, and David Logan from Akupara Games.

Want more? 

Check out the full schedule to see the complete range of impressive speakers attending. You can also check out our other track rundowns and coverage of previous Pocket Gamer Connects conferences ahead of the event itself.

Like what you see? Well, there's still time to register for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4 here.


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