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What games are The PC Pulse looking forward to in 2019?

What games are The PC Pulse looking forward to in 2019?

There is a wealth of new content coming out in the coming year. We have big new IP such as EA and BioWare's Anthem, a new From Software title in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as well as indie title In The Valley of the Gods from Firewatch maker Campo Santo. 

That's on top of new entries in existing franchises including Devil May Cry, The Division, Metro and much more. Oh, and we've also got a remake of Resident Evil 2 just weeks away from hitting shelves. 

We catch up with our industry experts to see what they're excited about for this coming year

Thomas Bidaux CEO ICO Partners

On a personal level, I am very keen to put my hands on a few games, it is hard to name a single one. In my shortlist, there is: In The Valley of The Gods; Indivisible; the Untitled goose game; and Ooblets. I assume they will all release this year, but I actually don't know if that will be the case.On a professional level, I am quite keen to see how Anthem pans out.

Peter Lewin Associate Purewal & Partners

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice’ – anything by From Software is always both beautiful and maddening and I can’t wait to dive into their rich twist on 1500s Japan.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (we can dream, right) – CD Projekt Red is one of the best out there and I’ve no doubt they’ll create an outstandingly lavish and highly-polished first-person / RPG combo.

Christian Fonnesbech Head of IP Development Nordisk Film

From Software’s Sekiro is the big one for me. Bloodborne was my biggest gaming experience of the last decade - and maybe even my biggest cultural experience, overall. I’m a complete fanboy - can’t wait to start exploring what mechanics and universe they’ve concocted this time. To paraphrase: some games are starter courses and some games are main dishes - From Software makes complete three-course meals.

Haley Uyrus Marketing Manager Failbetter Games

As a massive Civ nerd, I'm far too excited about the upcoming Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. As someone who's been playing the games since I was I a kid, I can't wait to see natural events and more geographically focused mechanics. Also supremely keen to try out the Resident Evil 2 Remake, it seems early 2019 is aiming for my nostalgia

Tomas Rawlings Design Director Auroch Digital

Gloomhaven - such a rich and highly regarded boardgame, really looking forward to seeing what the digital port is like!

Mariina Hallikainen CEO Colossal Order

Last of Us Part II, I sure hope it comes out this year!

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