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Dec 17th, 2019 Keywords Studios Not disclosed
Keywords expands translation, marketing and audio businesses with trio of acquisitions
Dec 6th, 2019 acquisition Kongregate Not disclosed
Kongregate snaps up browser-based battle royale game
Dec 4th, 2019 investment Mail.Ru Games
Not disclosed
Pathfinder: Kingmaker dev Owlcat goes independent with new funding round
Nov 29th, 2019 investment Bossa Studios
Not disclosed
Chinese games firm NetEase invests in Bossa Studios
Nov 29th, 2019 acquisition Codemasters
Slightly Mad Studios
Racing studio Codemasters intends to buy Project CARS maker Slightly Mad
Nov 27th, 2019 acquisition Facebook
Not disclosed
Facebook has acquired the maker of Beat Saber
Nov 27th, 2019 acquisition $20.6m
Sweden's Toadman buys British publisher Sold Out for $20.6m
Nov 26th, 2019 acquisition Rebellion Not disclosed
Rebellion snaps up old-school game developers Bitmap Brothers
Nov 20th, 2019 investment Ganymede $550m
Ganymede Games brings in $550k in angel investment
Nov 11th, 2019 investment Hiro Capital $3.8m
London studio Flavourworks raises $3.8m in Series A round
Oct 21st, 2019 Sabertooth Interactive Not disclosed
Saber Interactive snaps up Dakar 18 developer Bigmoon Entertainment
Oct 17th, 2019 investment $5m
Unit 2 lands $5m investment deal
Oct 14th, 2019 acquisition Kuju Entertainment
Curve Digital
The Catalis Group
NorthEdge Capital snaps up The Catalis Group
Oct 1st, 2019 investment Tencent
Not disclosed
Tencent has acquired 29% of Conan Exiles maker Funcom
Oct 1st, 2019 acquisition Logitech
Logitech splashes out $89m for Streamlabs
Sep 26th, 2019 acquisition Improbable
The Multiplayer Guys
Not disclosed
Improbable has bought online service firm Multiplayer Guys
Sep 20th, 2019 acquisition Keywords Studios $3.1m
Keywords snaps up German localisation and dubbing firm TV+Synchron
Sep 17th, 2019 license Foam Sword Games Not disclosed
Knights and Bikes TV rights optioned by Peaky Blinders production company
Sep 13th, 2019 acquisition Improbable
Midwinter Entertainment
Not disclosed
Improbable snaps up Scavengers developer Midwinter
Aug 16th, 2019 investment Klang Games
Developer Klang lands $22.3m funding for SpatialOS-powered MMO Seed
Aug 8th, 2019 investment Bitkraft Esports Ventures $6.5m
In-game ad platform has secured $6.5 million after funding round
Aug 2nd, 2019 partnership The Creative Assembly
Not disclosed
Total War comes to China following Creative Assembly and NetEase partnership
Aug 1st, 2019 acquisition Slightly Mad Studios Not disclosed
Modern Pick Entertainment to acquire “substantial” stake in Project Cars dev Slightly Mad Studios
Aug 1st, 2019 acquisition Immortals $40m
Report: Real estate investor to acquire Overwatch League team Houston Outlaws
Jul 26th, 2019 investment Unity Technologies $525m
Unity Technologies makes a tender offer of up to $525 million to shareholders
Jul 25th, 2019 acquisition Big Ben Interactive Not disclosed
Bigben Interactive acquires Technomancer developer Spiders
Jul 24th, 2019 investment Doppio Games $1.1m
"The definitive voice game has not been built yet": Why Doppio raised $1.1m to make games for Alexa
Jul 19th, 2019 acquisition Kongregate Not disclosed
Kongregate snaps up developer RPG Bit Heroes
Jul 9th, 2019 partnership Studio MDHR
Not disclosed
Netflix working with Studio MDHR and King Features on animated Cuphead series
Jul 9th, 2019 partnership Unity Technologies
NBC Universal
Not disclosed
Universal, Digital Platforms and Unity team to launch Universal GameDev Challenge winners on Steam
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