My.Games offers 90/10 rev share to devs driving traffic to its store

My.Games offers 90/10 rev share to devs driving traffic to its store

Russian games firm My.Games has outlined a new revenue-sharing scheme which would see developers keeping 90 per cent of cash.

This new initiative is for studios who drive traffic to the My.Games Store. These are measured by the use of trackable links that companies generate through the platform's back end. This will allow developers and publishers to see more information about their game, including click-through rates, as well as the number of paying and returning users.

My.Games has a 70/30 revenue-sharing deal. This was the industry standard for revenue sharing until Epic Games shook up the status quo with its 88/12 deal. 

“This month marks the one year anniversary of My.Games. We want to celebrate a fantastic first year by sharing our success with our developers,” the head of My.Games' store Rodion Kotelnikov, said.

“We will increase revenue share to all teams willing to promote their games on our platform. The metadata we provide will give them clear evidence of traffic generated by their marketing strategies.”

My.Games CEO Vasily Maguryan added: "We have put our heart and soul into developing a smart publishing approach for My.Games Store, with the goal of being the best platform for both developers and players around the world. Although My.Games is a year old, our team has been in the games market for over 13 years. During this time, we have worked with hundreds of different companies and developers. This wealth of experience was essential for us when deciding what My.Games Store should be like to become one of the most competitive platforms on the market.”

Russian internet giant brought all of its games brands under the My.Games name at the end of May 2019. The following August, the company revealed that it was launching a brand new storefront.

We caught up with the My.Games team at Gamescom 2019 to find out why it had entered the store wars.

My.Games was behind more than a third of's total Q1 2020 revenue.

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