John Wick co-creator working on pitches for TV game adaptations

John Wick co-creator working on pitches for TV game adaptations

The co-creator of the John Wick action film franchise Derek Kolstad has revealed that he is working on pitches for TV shows based on two video games IP.

Speaking to, the scriptwriter said he has had ideas for both 2019's My Friend Pedro, as well as 2017 title Bendy and the Ink Machine.

"I'm going out with a pitch for a television series based on the My Friend Pedro video game, as well as for Bendy and the Ink Machine," he said.

"It's funny, the reason I'm answering it this way, literally, I have these Post-It notes on my computer of: 'This is what I'm working on today'."

My Friend Pedro was made by one-man developer DeadToast – aka Victor Agren – and published by indie label Devolver Digital. It sold 250,000 copies in its first week and 500,000 within its first four months on sale.

Meanwhile, Bendy and the Ink Machine was an episodic first-person survival horror title made by Kindly Beast that was launched episodically back in 2017.

Readers may remember that John Wick has made the leap from the silver screen to video games. John Wick Hex was released in 2019 with indie developer Bithell Games at the helm. Studio founder Mike Bithell said at the time that it was important to include smaller studios when adapting entertainment IP to the games space

We caught up with Bithell to discuss how John Wick Hex came to be following its reveal

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