Twitch to create a range of shows for gamers

Twitch to create a range of shows for gamers

Streaming platform Twitch has plans to make dating and talk shows for gamers.

As reported by Bloomberg, the firm will fund various shows that will be live to allow viewers to be interactive. In terms of genre, Twitch has leaned towards sports, dating, talk and game shows.

At the cost of $50,000-to-$250,000, the programmes will air around three times a week. Overall, there will be four-to-10 hours of content weekly.

"We are seeking creative partners to help us set a new bar for multiplayer entertainment," said Twitch.

"Everyone pitches an escape room stream. If you were thinking of pitching insert-talent in an escape room, no need."

However, Twitch has two target audiences in mind. Males aged between 18-to-24 that have a passion for games and the general population of the same age that are looking for entertainment.

Last month, the online platform revealed that it would launch a new channel dedicated to esports and competitive gaming. Furthermore, viewership was up 23 per cent on Twitch in March.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, some entertainers have taken to Twitch as a means to reach their audience. Earlier this year, gamers, singers and athletes all took part in the Stream Aid 2020 event, to raise funds to fight the ongoing pandemic.

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