Overwatch and Diablo animated TV shows are on the way

Overwatch and Diablo animated TV shows are on the way

Two of Blizzard's franchises - Overwatch and Diablo - are getting animated TV shows based on them.

According to Nick Van Dyk's - the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios - LinkedIn profile, the Diablo programme will be released via Netflix. The show will also adopt an anime style, similar to that of Castlevania. Currently, the Diablo programme is in pre-production.

As for Overwatch, Van Dyk claimed that himself and his partner "developed and sold an animated series based Blizzard's Overwatch franchise."

Netflix's Castlevania series returns for its third season on March 5th 2020. Several shows and movies that are based on games have hit the streaming platform.

In December 2019, The Witcher finally landed on the platform. It was met with a positive response from fans, this reaction was anticipated as the show was locked in for a second season before the first episode aired. A new animated film based on The Witcher will be coming to Netflix.

Popular run and gun game Cuphead is also getting a TV show on Netflix. Capcom's hugely popular survival horror franchise Resident Evil is tipped to be getting an animated show on the streaming service.

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