Counter-Striker: Global Offensive breaks its concurrent player record AGAIN

Counter-Striker: Global Offensive breaks its concurrent player record AGAIN

Valve's Counter-Strike Global Offensive has broken its concurrent player record.

As shown on Steam Charts, the new record is 924,045 - its previous record was placed in February 2020. Last month, the online shooter broke 900,000 concurrent players. The new record was set at 901,681 users, and the previous record was 850,485 - it was recorded in April 2016.

The game became free-to-play in December 2018. That same month, Valve's title hit a new record number of 20 million unique players in one month. Steam itself broke a record last month. The storefront saw a new record of 19,107,803 concurrent users. Before this, the record was 18.8 million simultaneous users.

Last month, the American firm revealed it was working on a new "auto-mute" feature for CS: GO for abusive players. Those penalised will need to earn the right to have the penalty lifted. The online shooter has a history of foul play. Last year, an AI programme caught more than 15,000 cheats in the game. Following that, another player was caught cheating on a live stream.

In February, a new team-owned esports league was announced for CS: GO. One of the major esports events for the game will be hosted in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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