A Steam user's AI programme has caught CS:GO cheats

A Steam user's AI programme has caught CS:GO cheats

A Steam user has created an AI designed to catch cheats in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

According to The Loadout, the account holder - 2Eggs - created HestiaNet to sniff out cheats in Valve’s first-person shooter. More than 15,000 users have been caught by the programme.

“What got me interested in this was the demo John McDonald [Senior Software Engineer at Valve] did back at GDC in 2018,” said 2Eggs.

“After that, I wanted to see if I could do something but I’d be the one marking harder decisions on whether someone was cheating or not. I only really finished it to a satisfactory point this year.

“I called it HestiaNet because, as you know, CS:GO is infested with cheaters and the Goddess Hestia has a power of healing as well as power of hearth and fire.

“I want HestiaNet to heal over the games infestation and to get rid of as many cheaters as possible. To many of us in the community, CS:GO is a home, and Hestia is also the protector of the house.”

Taking to Twitter (below), 2Eggs showed the stats for his AI. He explained how the calculations were done.

So far, HestiaNet has taken on 17,659 cases - of which 15,356 were convicted and 15,104 received bans for their cheating ways.

2Eggs added: “I have to present verdicts that may get someone banned, and having that massive firepower requires you to be really strong about what options you pick.

“I can’t have any favouritism - I have to stay neutral at all times, even if I’m parsing a demo from my own game.”

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