CS:GO's Major esports event is coming to Brazil next year

CS:GO's Major esports event is coming to Brazil next year

The next major tournament for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

According to HLTV, the event will have a $1 million prize fund. Furthermore, for the first time in the history of CS:GO majors all four Minors will be held at the same time, from April 26th to May 3rd.

The Challengers Stage is being held between May 11th-to-14th, next, the Legends Stage takes place two days later from May 16th-to-19th. Finally, the Champions Stage is held between May 21st and May 24th.

“We are extremely excited and proud to host the next Major in Brazil,” said ESL senior vice president Ulrich Schulze.

"Our aim is to bring pure esports moments to the most passionate fans around the world and reward them by creating a unique experience on all levels.

"With teams from all over the world having a chance to qualify and making their way to the final, we expect the matches to be incredible and the crowd to be the loudest we have ever seen."

An ESL staff member on Reddit added: “Brazil has a huge fan base and has never had a Major, and our prior CSGO events in Brazil have been encouraging.

“When it comes to soundproof booths, it's a conversation internally at ESL atm and, down the line, it will be with other stakeholders.”
Tickets for the event go on sale on December 12th.

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