A Counter-Striker: Global Offensive player was caught cheating in a live stream

A Counter-Striker: Global Offensive player was caught cheating in a live stream

A Counter Strike: Global Offensive player was caught cheating at DreamHack.

According to PCGamesN, a live streamer known as Robert “Benczek” Benczynski was broadcasting the event as he walked around the venue.

Upon spotting a player using hacks on a competitors table, he asked if they were cheating, to which the CS:GO player confirmed they were.

Cheating has been an ongoing problem for the first-person shooter. Last week, it was revealed that a Steam account - owned by 2Eggs - has created an AI designed to catch cheats in CS:GO. So far, the programme has caught over 15,000 people.

It is an issue faced by many developers and publishers for a variety of titled. In november 2019, a professional Fortnite player received a lifetime ban for the use of an aimbot - however, streamers such as Ninja deemed the punishment to be too harsh.

As of March 2019, more than 355,000 users were banned from Apex Legends by Respawn.

In its growing effort to rid its community of toxic behaviour, Blizzard has started to halt Overwatch matches should cheating be detected. The company even offered endorsements in its attempts to create a healthier community.

Meanwhile, French publishing giant Ubisoft has opted to sue hacker of its online shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

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