Valve is working on a new "auto mute" feature for Counter-Striker: Global Offensive

Valve is working on a new "auto mute" feature for Counter-Striker: Global Offensive

Valve has revealed that a new "auto-mute" feature is in the works for its online shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

As announced in a blog post on the series' website, the new system will offer a more precise way to counteract in-game abuse than current tools.

Those who do abuse their fellow players will receive warnings, should they ignore the cautions they will be muted until they have earned enough experience points to get the penalty removed.

"So we’ve been working on a new system that will work more precisely. When the new system is fully deployed, players will receive a warning if they receive significantly more abuse reports than other players," said the CS:GO team.

"If they ignore that feedback and continue to receive abuse reports, they’ll receive a penalty: they will be muted by all other players by default."

The developers continued: "Because the new system is driven by reports, it lets players establish their own standards for communication and ensure that their fellow players receive anonymous feedback when they’re out of line."

Earlier this month, a new team-owned esports league for CS:GO was announced. One of the major CS:GO esports events for 2020 will be in Brazil.

Last year, more than 15,000 players were caught cheating in Valve's title by an AI programme - a further cheat was caught in a live stream.

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