A new team-owned CS:GO esports league is launching

A new team-owned CS:GO esports league is launching

Several esports companies have banded together to launch a new Counter-Strike: Global Offence (CS:GO) league.

In an official statement - via - it was revealed that Cloud9 and Dignitas are two of the companies behind the new team-owned league - known as Flashpoint.

"Flashpoint was created in partnership with some of the longest-serving members of the community as a response to the current issues putting competitive CS:GO at risk, and is committed to establishing a new league that puts players and teams at the forefront of the operation." reads the statement.

"Each team in the league will be free to participate in tournaments outside of Flashpoint's two annual seasons, including Majors or circuit events hosted by independent tournament organisers."

Not only will the league offer a large prize pool - $2 million - but its players will receive the highest revenue share in the sector.

The new league will be managed by newly-founded organisation B Site. Established esports company FaceIt has been brought in to operate Flashpoint. On February 6th, open qualifiers begin in Europe, North America and South America.

This year, one of the major esports events for CS:GO will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The final portion of the tournament will be held between May 21st and 24th.

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