Leaked PlayStation report shows single player games are "thriving"

Leaked PlayStation report shows single player games are "thriving"

Research from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the death of single player titles is overstated.

That's according to internal documents obtained from the PlayStation maker obtained by Vice, in which the platform holder says that these kinds of games are in fact "thriving."

Furthermore, users are spending more time offline than online when they are playing games, suggesting that the bulk of consumers aren't heading towards multiplayer experiences as was previously assumed.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has also said it has worked to address some of the problems people faced with single player titles with its new PlayStation 5 console. These included not knowing how long it will take to achieve something in the game, wanting to avoid spoilers, spending time finding solutions to problems online and being unable to pick up an experience they hadn't played for some time. This was part of the reason behind the PS5's Activities feature, which breaks down gameplay into on-screen cards on the console's menus.

For some time, the industry has been moving away from pure single player experiences in favour of games-as-a-service or multiplayer titles. These are more lucrative and are, on paper, a safer way of recouping the massive sums of money it costs to make video games at the moment.

Since then, Control maker Remedy has said that single player experiences are not dead, remarks the Finnish studio has echoed numerous times. The head of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Strauss Zelnick has also said that single player game is "not even close" to being dead. This might come as a surprise to some given that the US publishing giant makes massive amounts of money from titles like Grand Theft Auto Online.

In the past, has written about the potential for the triple-A games market to eat itself alive in the process of chasing down safe ways of recouping ever-growing budgets.

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