Riot to remove blood for Valorant esports

Riot to remove blood for Valorant esports

Riot Games is set to remove blood from its forthcoming online shooter Valorant for esports events.

As reported by Bloomberg, the decision has been made so that the title is more appealing to broadcasters and sponsors.

The tactical shooter features a "show blood" mode which can be toggled on and off. As revealed in community guidelines, the feature must be turned off for all esports activities.

"Ultimately, we want our esport to be as accessible as possible, and that includes ensuring it is also as wide-reaching as possible," Riot's senior director for esports Whalen Rozelle said.

"By turning off blood, we allow more sponsors and distributors to join the ecosystem, ultimately creating more accessibility and stability for everyone."

Esports analyst Manny Anekal added: "There are major brands that simply won't sponsor games that have blood or real-world violence. Limiting blood for Valorant esports events is a smart business move."

Earlier this week, the American firm claimed it wants Valorant esports to "grow naturally."

Valorant was first known as Project A, it was announced alongside five other projects as part of the 10th-anniversary live stream for League of Legends. Earlier this month, a closed beta for the tactical shooter began. Furthermore, it has already broken Twitch viewership records.

Recently, fans expressed their concern over the new anti-cheat software that is automatically downloaded with Valorant. The game will be released this summer.

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