Riot wants Valorant esports to "grow naturally"

Riot wants Valorant esports to "grow naturally"

The developer behind League of Legends Riot Games has says it wants the esports scene for its forthcoming online shooter Valorant to "grow naturally." 

As revealed in an update, the American firm wants pro-gaming for the title will be done by forming partnerships with players, content creators, organisers and developers for the time being. 

"We're overwhelmed by the interest and excitement behind Valorant, and we're excited to embark on this long esports journey with you all," said Global Esports senior director Whalen "Magus" Rozelle.

"We're already hearing questions on what esports will look like, and while it's early, we'll try to share whatever details we can. As part of our Authenticity principle, we want to let Valorant grow naturally; we're not looking to force anything too quickly without knowing what's best for esports fans.

"As such, a primary focus early on will be forming partnerships with players, content creators, tournament organisers, and developers – unlocking them to help us to build this ecosystem."

To allow Valorant's esports system to be the best it can be, Riot says that its growth will be guided by three core principles – competitive integrity, accessibility and authenticity.

More specifically, competitive integrity means allowing all pro players an equal chance of winning—a victory based on skill, not external factors. Accessibility Is a guarantee that all players and fans from all backgrounds will be welcomed into the Valorant community.

Finally, authenticity "means that we know this esport is yours, and we hope to build it together with you."

This is a common practice in the games development scene, especially around titles with esports potential. It has been criticised as it appears that other companies take on the risk for building the pro-games scene, with the studios behind these titles ultimately claiming it as their own through official leagues. 

Initially, Valorant was known as Project A and was announced alongside five other projects as part of the 10th-anniversary stream for League of Legends. Earlier this month, the tactical shooter entered closed beta. It is expected to launch this Summer.

Furthermore, the game has already broken the record for Twitch viewership. However, Valorant hasn't been without its troubles as fans expressed concerns over the anti-cheat software that comes with downloading the game.

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