Riot's upcoming title Valorant enters closed beta next week

Riot's upcoming title Valorant enters closed beta next week

Riot's new tactical shooter Valorant is set to enter closed beta in April.

According to the title's website, the closed beta begins on April 7th. However, to get access, players must have both a Riot and Twitch account. Next week, potential users need to watch the game being played through live streams on Twitch to get an invite.

To invest in a game like Valorant, Riot believes it needs: "128-tick servers, at least 30 frames per second on most min-spec computers (even dating back a decade), 60-to-144-plus FPS on modern gaming rigs, a global spread of datacenters aimed at less-than-35ms for players in major cities around the world, a netcode we’ve been obsessing over for years, and a commitment to anti-cheat from Day One."

Riot also claims that: "Shooting in Valorant is precise, consequential, and highly-lethal – we want you to win on your skill and strategy alone."

The tactical shooter is expected to launch in Summer 2020. Initially, the game was known as Project A and was revealed in October 2019. Valorant was announced alongside five other projects as part of the 10th-anniversary stream for League of Legends.

Last month, the American firm revealed its plans to use Unity for two of its upcoming projects. Earlier this month, Riot Games donated $1.5 million to help those affected by the coronavirus outbreak in Los Angeles.

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