Riot Games teams up with ESPN for Valorant esports

Riot Games teams up with ESPN for Valorant esports

Riot Games has partnered up with ESPN for Valorant Esports.

As announced on the broadcaster's website, the eight-team tournament is being held between April 20th and 22nd. The event will be broadcast on ESPN's Twitch channel.

Professional players from a variety of games have taken part including world champions such as Rainbow Six Siege world champion Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski and Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, the reigning Counter-Strike champ.

Further participants include Fortnite World Cup runner up Harrison "Psalm" Chang.

Earlier this month, Riot had blood removed from the game for esports to better appeal to broadcasters and sponsors. Furthermore, it wants Valorant esports to "grow naturally."

Originally known as Project A, the tactical shooter entered closed beta at the start of April.On top of this, the game has already broken Twitch viewership records. However, the game has received some backlash over its anti-cheat software. Riot was forced to respond to user complaints.

The American firm is offering cash rewards – up to $100k – for those that report people who have exploited its software. Valorant will fully launch this Summer.

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