Riot's new tactical shooter Valorant launches this summer

Riot's new tactical shooter Valorant launches this summer

Riot Games' new tactical shooter Project A has been named Valorant will launch on PC this summer.

As revealed on the games' website, it is a five-versus-five shooter where the more creative users get, the better their chances at winning. Riot has emphasized skill over luck.

The game will have 128-tick servers with at least 30 frames per second. However, modern rigs will offer 60-to-144 FPS. There will also be a global spread of data centres, and they are aimed at less than 35ms for players in major cities.

"Riot Games presents a new competitive stage for you to shine from. A 5v5 character-based tactical shooter where creativity is your greatest weapon," said Riot.

"Shooting in Valorant is precise, consequential, and highly-lethal - we want you to win on your skill and strategy alone."

Riot continued: "Imagine this: tactical shooter meets hypernatural powers. Everyone has got guns and a unique set of abilities, so how do you beat someone with the speed of wind?

"Use your own moves to outplay them and beat them to the shot. Valorant is a game for bold strategists who dare to make the unexpected play because if it wins, it works."

Valorant - previously known as Project A - was announced alongside five other projects during the 10th-anniversary stream for League of Legends. Last month, it was revealed that Riot would use Unity for two of its upcoming projects.

In February, League of Legends comms lead Ryan Rigney revealed that the firm was concerned over a potential backlash due to the new projects.

Currently, Riot Games is in a legal battle over gender discrimination. The firm claimed a $10 million settlement was "fair and adequate." However, the new lawyers representing the plaintiffs do not agree. They have withdrawn the $10 million to seek a larger settlement.

In January, California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing claimed that Riot should pay $400 million.

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