League of Legends firm Riot announces six new games in anniversary stream

League of Legends firm Riot announces six new games in anniversary stream

Riot Games celebrated League of Legends’ 10th anniversary by announcing a wealth of new projects.

During a livestream, the developer and publisher revealed new titles across PC, console and mobile which are set to launch as early as next year. some of the new games would be available across multiple platforms next year.

Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play strategy card game set in the world of League of Legends due to launch on PC and mobile in 2020. Meanwhile, auto chess title Teamfight Tactics is making the leap to mobile, while a new set of champions is coming to the PC version of the game on November 5th, in an update called Rise of the Elements.

There are also three projects which are yet to be given proper names and have been dubbed Project A, Project L and Project F. Project A is a character-based tactical shooter for PC which we'll find out more about next year, while Project L appears to be a fighting title - itself a poorly kept industry secret. Meanwhile, little is known about Project F. 

The classic MOBA League of Legends is also making the move to both mobile and console with the new Wild Rift edition. The mobile launch is slated for 2020, with pre-registration available on Google Play now.

Besides making new games, Riot has expanded into TV. The company is making animated League of Legends show called Arcane. Like many of the newly announced projects, it is launching in 2020.

On top of the animated series, a new documentary about the hugely popular game title League of Legends Origins is now available on several streaming platforms including Netflix.

Alongside these new projects, Riot has announced The Riot Games Social Impact Fund. It is a non-profit scheme, designed to aid in global social impact. So far, the company has donated $4 million to charities worldwide.

Last month, Riot recorded eight million concurrent players for League of Legends, a new record for the MOBA.

This follows a year of negative PR for Riot as it attempted to fix what was reported as a toxic working culture.

The company has also said it doesn’t want its esports events to be about politics, instead preferring they are focused on the games being played.

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