Valve fully launches the Steam Interactive Recommender

Valve fully launches the Steam Interactive Recommender

Valve has fully launched the Steam Interactive Recommender into its storefront.

As announced in a blog post, recommendations suggested by the feature will now appear on a Steam users homepage.

The Interactive Recommender was added to Steam Labs – an initiative for storefront experimental features – in July 2019. By August 2019, the feature had added over 10,000 games to wishlists.

"The Interactive Recommender isn't a replacement for our existing content discovery systems, but rather an addition to the variety of ways Steam recommends games to players. Although it's a powerful tool, there are some things it can't do," said Valve.

"For example, it can't recommend new releases that nobody has played yet, while the Discovery Queue is designed to do just that. That said, we are starting to use the technology underlying the Interactive Recommender to power other features on Steam such as Steam Labs Experiment 008: Play Next, which recommends games you've already purchased but for whatever reason have not yet played."

Valve concluded: "The result is a Steam experience that is more effective at connecting customers to games they'll love across a variety of scenarios."

Last month, a search experiment from Steam Labs was fully released. On top of this, a new feature dubbed Play Next – a recommender for what games to play – was added in February.

Furthermore, Valve added a new experimental feature earlier this month – the News Hub.

The Steam library was updated in October 2019. Since then, there has been a 300 per cent increase in user reviews. By November 2019, 2,903 titles were removed from Steam's archives.

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