Steam Labs search experiment makes its way to release

Steam Labs search experiment makes its way to release

A Steam Labs experiment that made it easier for users to filter searches is now in the regular version of the client.

The feature allows users to break down their results to remove titles they already own, have wishlisted or have ignored. It's also possible to set a maximum price, as well as excluding certain genres. Users can now, for example, not have horror games or titles in Early Access.

Oh, and the relevance sorting method on searches has been tweaked to take into consideration your tag choices meaning you'll be more likely to be shown games you'll like.

The Search page also features infinite scroll, which does what it says on the tin to be honest – users can scroll forever.

This is the first of the Steam Labs experimental features to be introduced into the Steam client. The initiative was launched in July 2019 to give better insight into what Valve was working on for its marketplace. The first batch of experiments were mostly centred on discoverability, which had long been an issue for developers on Steam.

At Devcom 2019, we caught up with Valve designer Alden Kroll to discuss Steam's place in the current PC games landscape and what the plan was with Steam Labs.

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