Valve is deleting games from Steam's archives

Valve is deleting games from Steam's archives

Valve has cleaned up its storefront by removing titles from Steam’s library.

The change was first noticed on Reddit by thomasthe1st, who posted about the company banning games to make room for its Black Friday sale.

The banned list is on and currently features 2,903 games have been deleted from the storefront.

For the most part, the games that have been tossed aside by Valve are small indie titles. As of January 2019, there were over 27,000 games available on Steam.

Valve has purged titles from its storefront in batches over the past year, games have been deleted on a weekly-to-monthly bases according to However, the recent clear out is of a bigger scale.

Recently, a new Half-Life - Alyx - title was announced by the American company. Rumours began to swirl after a leaked interview between Geoff Keighley, Robin walker and an unnamed person.

Upon revealing the game, Valve explained why the new title would be VR exclusive - it offers an increased amount of user interaction.

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