The Steam library sees a 300% increse in user reviews since its update

The Steam library sees a 300% increse in user reviews since its update

The new library update for Steam has seen user reviews increase substantially.

As revealed in a new blog update, the updated library, which was released in October 2019, has caused a 300 per cent increase to the number of user reviews given.

"The updated library also introduced some new ways to prompt the user to review or re-review a game they have been playing based on certain criteria, which substantially increased the number of reviews written," said the update.

"We previously saw around 17 thousand new reviews posted per day across all games, but since the Library update, we now see 70 thousand reviews per day, for an increase of over 300 per cent."

The improved Steam library welcomed the Steam events and announcements system. It "allows developers to communicate with their player base and prospective customers through new tools to post news and schedule in-game events." The events and announcements have been viewed more than eight billion times.

This year, the company is looking to make various improvements to soundtracks, Steam Labs, SteamVR, sale events, the Steam PC Cafe Program and the Steam mobile app.

Last year, Valve began deleting games from Steam's archives - 2,903 were removed by November 2019.

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