Valve releases experimental feature Play Next on the Steam library

Valve releases experimental feature Play Next on the Steam library

Valve has moved its experimental Play Next feature into the Steam library.

As announced in a community update, the feature has proved to be successful following a positive response from users through Steam Labs – the storefront's initiative for experimental features.

"Earlier this year, Experiment 008: Play Next entered the Steam Labs for testing. Using machine learning to make informed suggestions, the feature is designed to help users with extensive libraries decide which of their games to play next," said Valve.

"Based on positive feedback from customers, Play Next has proved successful enough to graduate from the Lab. With today's Steam Client update, that functionality is now integrated into the Steam Library.

"Users who have unplayed (or very low playtime) games in their library, will now have a Play Next shelf available in the library view."

Play Next was first announced as a Steam Labs experiment in February and is designed to recommend games to users. It uses the same technology as the Interactive Recommender. That same month, a search filter feature was fully released from the initiative. In March, News Hub was added to Steam Labs. It keeps users up to date with events and content updates.

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