No More Robots made $2m in revenue in second year

No More Robots made $2m in revenue in second year

British indie publisher No More Robots-best known for Descenders. Is celebrating its second birthday and it made $2m in revenue during its second year. That’s up 350 per cent year-on-year.

There are numerous reasons for this huge hike in revenue, including the launch of multiplayer for No More Robots’ debut game Descenders which saw success on both console and PC. No More Robots’ other releases, Not Tonight and Hypnospace Outlaw, are also said to have exceeded sales expectations.

On top of the sales success, No More Robots has announced Arwyn Brock has joined the team. Previously Brock worked for almost five years at Rockstar Lincoln in its QA department and will now be leading quality assurance at the indie label.

As part of the celebrations, No More Robots will make several announcements this week, leading to the launch of its upcoming game Nowhere Prophet. Further announcements are going to be made via the special No More Robots Party site.

"The last two years have been better than we ever could have hoped for," No More Robots founder Mike Rose (pictured) said.

"It turns out that people really do want to play weird and wonderful genres, like fake operating systems, Brexit-bashing sims, and downhill bike riding games."


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