No More Robots' Mike Rose says Steam devs are pricing games too low

No More Robots' Mike Rose says Steam devs are pricing games too low

The founder and boss of indie publisher No More Robots Mike Rose has once again said that developers are charging too little for their games.

In a report called 'How well are PC games selling on Steam in 2019?', Rose looks at titles that were released between July 5th and August 6th and claims that - on a median basis - a new release in 2019 sells 1,500 copies. That's a decline of 70 per cent year-on-year. The mean figure clocks in at 3,000.

Looking at revenue, Rose reports that these titles are generating a median of $16,000 - a 47 per cent decline - or a mean of $46,000.

On average, these games are being sold for an average price of $10, which Rose has said - once again - is too low. Not only that; titles with a higher RRP are actually selling better, generating high revenue as a result.

This echoes Rose's comments from his appearances at conferences in the last few years. At Develop:Brighton 2018, the publishing boss said that studios should add $5 to whatever price point they come up.

Part of games with a higher price point selling better is a matter of quality, too, and will help them stand out from the saturated games market.

Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games has also conducted research into how well games are selling on Steam

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