Updated: World War Z sold 320,000 copies on the Epic Games Store

Updated: World War Z sold 320,000 copies on the Epic Games Store

Update - May 2nd: Epic Games has revealed that World War Z has sold 320,000 copies on its PC storefront alone.

The co-op zombie shooter earned 250,000 sales within its first week, a quarter of total first-week sales across its release on PC, Xbox and Playstation.

Epic also boasted that two other exclusives - Metro: Exodus and Anno 1800 - had their best PC launches in franchise history. The post doesn't clarify whether this includes the lengthy pre-order periods both games had on Steam, however.

Original Story - April 29th: Saber Interactive claims World War Z’s strong PC performance is down to its Epic Games Store exclusivity.

In the wake of hitting one million active players over its first week, CEO Matthew Karch celebrated the game’s success in a press release - making sure to thank a particular giant of PC gaming for World War Z’s performance on the platform.

"Saber is extremely thrilled by the performance of the game on all platforms,” said Karch. “On the PC specifically, we are performing way above expectations thanks to the support we have received from the Epic Games Store.”

World War Z’s strong performance continues to prove that a Steam listing may not be vital to success on PC anymore.

Epic has come under fire for stealing exclusives from Steam, often weeks or months into preorder campaigns. On occasion, this has led to games like Anno 1800 topping Steam’s Weekly Top Ten days before leaving the platform entirely.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney isn’t against letting games back on Steam eventually - assuming Valve bends to his wishes for a more developer-friendly revenue share model.

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