Gamers can now see all data related with their Steam account

Gamers can now see all data related with their Steam account

Valve now lets consumers see all data related with their Steam account.

As first reported by Rock Paper Shotgun, clicking on this link here takes users to an account data page. This shows general data - such as personal information, contact details and so on - as well as their purchase history, shopping cart history as well as any subscriptions.

This follows new EU regulation GDPR coming into effect, which has changed how companies have to handle user data. These new laws were rolled out at the start of June.

Additionally, this is in the take of the Cambridge Analytica Facebook debacle, which again raised questions about how consumer data had been used.

While it has a positive intent, GDPR has spelt disaster for some game companies. Super Monday Night Combat and Loadout have had to close shop because changing their service to be compliant with the regulations would have been too costly.

Additionally, Valve has changed how user profiles work, with them being private by default now. This has caused trouble for third-party market tracker SteamSpy, who used public game library information to figure out how well titles were selling. That said, founder Sergey Galyonkin is having success finding other means of measuring game sales

This is yet another change to the Steam platform, following the rollout of a brand new chat UI, developers and publishers being able to make home pages and even being able to stream games directly from their store pages

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