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Splash Damage moves to four-day work week

Splash Damage moves to four-day work week

UK game developer Splash Damage is moving to have a four-day working week.

In a post on Twitter, the company said that this was going to be the case for staff who are coming into the office. It appears that employees working remotely are still expected to work five days a week.

The company says this follows an 18-month test that Bulkhead Interactive – which Splash Damage acquired in 2020 – has proven that this style of working is not only possible, but has significant upsides.

"Splash Damage is transitioning to a four-day work week. We’ve had both hybrid and fully remote working patterns for our teams for almost three years, but we believe that bringing people together on-site, for four days a week, is the right thing to do moving forward for our staff and projects. Plus, we will not be compressing hours and everyone’s salaries will remain the same," Splash Damage CEO Richard Jolly said in a statement. 

"We are now the largest game developer in the UK to adopt the four-day work week, but Bulkhead, the Derby-based studio that we recently acquired, have been operating a four-day work week trial for the past 18 months. By doing so, they have seen significant improvements to team morale, output, retention, and mental wellbeing.

"We are excited to give our teams valuable time together in the office and a chance to fully recharge with a three-day weekend, every week.”

Splash Damage follows the likes of publisher Rogue Games and Eidos' Sherbrook and Montreal studios moving to a four-day working week

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