Publisher Rogue Games moves to four day week

Publisher Rogue Games moves to four day week

Publisher Rogue Games is the latest company in the industry to move to a four-day working week.

In a post on LinkedIn, CEO and co-founder Matt Casamassina announced the move, saying that employees will have every Friday off and that they will not be asked to do extra hours on the days they are in working.

"There will undoubtedly be a few challenges in making this happen, but we think we can juggle it in ways that ensure there are no gaps for our developers, business partners, or customers," he wrote.

"My hope is that from the outside looking in, it'll be immaterial. In fact, I'm betting it'll encourage higher productivity and greater focus from folks when they are on the job—not that we're falling short here now.

"Meanwhile, the extra day and a permanent three-day weekend is absolutely material to the lives of our employees.

"Selfishly, cynically, you could say this is all great for the company. Happier employees do better work. Or that we can use this as a selling point during recruitment. Sure, all true.

"But for real, that's not why we're doing it. We're doing it for our people, because life is too short, and because quality of life is really damned important."

Many companies around the world are experimenting with the four-day working week right now. In the games industry, Eidos' Montreal and Sherbrooke studios have moved to this model.

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