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Bioware is recruiting loot and systems experts to fix Anthem's biggest flaws

Bioware is recruiting loot and systems experts to fix Anthem's biggest flaws

Bioware has opened a number of designer roles aimed at fixing some of Anthem’s biggest problems.

While Anthem hasn’t exactly had the greatest launch for a tentpole triple-A release, PCGamesN has uncovered a number of system designer positions opening at the studio that look to address some of the loot-shooter’s biggest flaws.

Key among these is a listing for a senior systems designer, who will be responsible for developing “a truly great server-side loot system, that is scalable, has modern concepts like streak-breaking, and easily modifiable data formats.”

In the weeks post-launch, loot was a highly-contentious issue for Anthem players, with many finding frustration when, for example, level 1 guns would drastically out-perform endgame weaponry.

Other systems designer jobs touch on “Item Creation and Design”, “Store and Reward Pipeline”, and “Combat Balance”, again aimed at fixing fundamental concerns with Anthem’s gameplay loops. As these jobs have just gone up, however, fans shouldn’t expect any drastic changes in-game anytime soon.

While some might be tempted to write off Anthem after a rocky start, Bioware is committed to making the game work. Studio head Casey Hudson reaffirmed to fans that neither he nor the company was ready to give up on the game.

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