Bungie outlines future Destiny 2 plans

Bungie outlines future Destiny 2 plans

Destiny creator Bungie has detailed what the future of the online sci-fi title is going to look like.

In a livestream, Destiny director Luke Smith and project lead Mark Noseworthy revealed the Beyond Light expansion, which is set to launch this September, alongside The Witch Queen and Lightfall additions. These are set to release in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The studio has said it doesn't "want to put another number on the box," meaning that Bungie will update Destiny 2 indefinitely and not launch another numbered sequel.

In a FAQ on the company's website, Bungie said that Destiny 2 was already too large to "efficiently update and maintain," so the developer has opted to focus on add to and support the game rather than working on future releases. Bungie is also going to bring back older content to a new vault.

"Instead of building a Destiny 3 and leaving D2 behind, each year, we are going to cycle older, less actively played content out of the live game and into what we're calling the Destiny Content Vault (DCV)," Bungie wrote.

"This will allow us to add to and support D2 for years, including the three new annual expansions we announced today, starting with Beyond Light this fall."

This follows Bungie taking control of the Destiny IP from publisher Activision Blizzard at the start of 2019. In the past, the studio has said that it would rather focus on Destiny 2 than another sequel.

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