Destiny 2 director apologises for lacklustre fan update

Destiny 2 director apologises for lacklustre fan update

The game director of Destiny 2 has issued an apology following a poorly-received update about what's going on with the title.

In a video posted on Twitter, the developer said he was sorry that Bungie's regular State of Play post published at the start of August disappointed its fanbase. Destiny 2's community has a number of issues with the game, not least how PvP has been treated by the studio.

This has caused Bungie to decide to make some new maps for this game mode and give them away for free. The audience is also expecting the last update for Destiny 2's Light and Darkness, The Final Shape, in the near future. 

“A couple of weeks ago, we put out a State of the Game communication that wasn’t up to your standards,” Blackburn says.

“It didn’t provide the vision that we normally provide, and really and truly a lot of us were heads down in The Final Shape, and weren’t able to give it the care and love that we normally put into these kinds of communications, and that’s nobody’s fault but mine."

Blackburn also said that communicating with the Destiny fanbase would be more of a priority in the future. Last year, Bungie said that it was reducing communication with its fanbase over harassment from the community.

“We’ve talked a lot about how the development team is very busy," he said.

"Although we really want to be focused on delivering great content to you all and making sure that’s our top priority, that doesn’t mean our communications have to suffer. And so, the first thing, we’re going to be talking to you all more.

“But talking to you all, our number one priority, we have to keep our community members and our community leaders safe. I don’t want anyone that signs up to come work at Bungie and to talk to you about the game to have to worry about their personal safety.”

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