Valve stops SteamVR support for macOS

Valve stops SteamVR support for macOS

American firm Valve has chosen to stop SteamVR support for macOS.

As revealed in an update, the decision was made so that the SteamVR team could focus on Windows and Linux.

"SteamVR has ended macOS support so our team can focus on Windows and Linux," said Valve.

However, Apple users can still use the SteamVR to access legacy builds.

"We recommend that macOS users continue to opt into the SteamVR [macos] branches for access to legacy builds. Users can opt into a branch by right-clicking on SteamVR in Steam, and selecting Properties, Betas," said Valve.

Apple itself announced that SteamVR was compatible with macOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017.

Earlier this year, Valve's Index VR kit experienced production issues due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the company managed to get units ready for sale on March 9th. The hardware sold out within 24 hours.

In March, HP announced it had teamed up with Valve and Microsoft to create a new VR headset.

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