Valve's Index VR kit has already sold out

Valve's Index VR kit has already sold out

Valve's Index VR kit has already sold out – again – after the new stock became available yesterday.

As reported by Road to VR, the stock made available on March 9th has already sold out. Those who missed out on the hardware have now been given an estimated shipping date of eight weeks or more. However, others have been given an estimate of four-to-six weeks.

The orders are to be processed as they are received, so consumers who want the VR kit should still place orders to avoid even longer waiting times. The new stock was confirmed to be coming in last week.

Valve predicted the Index VR kits to sell out the same day it came back in stock.

"Due to high demand, we expect available stock to sell out on Monday," said Valve in a statement.

"All purchases beyond this initial quantity will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received, as supplies increase over the coming months."

Last month, Valve revealed that the coronavirus outbreak had impacted the production of its hardware. However, the company aimed to have more stock available in time for the launch of VR exclusive title Half-Life: Alyx — March 23rd.

In November 2019, rumours began to swirl that a new Half-Life game was in the works. The American firm confirmed the news, revealing the game would appear at The Game Awards 2019.

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