Rainbow Six Siege sees a new peak player count record

Rainbow Six Siege sees a new peak player count record

Rainbow Six Siege has set a new peak player count record.

According to Steam Charts, the new record has been recorded as 178,824. The previous record was 176,2018 according to PCGamesN, and it was set in March 2018.

January 2020 proved to be a big month for the online shooter. It scored an average player count of 94,185 - the highest number the title has seen to date. On top of that, Rainbow Six Siege boasted more than 157,000 concurrent players - the highest in over two years.

In 2019, the online shooter hit 55 million players. Furthermore, the game has drawn in 20 million new players since June 2018. Last December. The French publisher made changes to the team behind Rainbow Six Siege.

Earlier this month, Ubisoft chose to shake up the format for Rainbow Six Siege esports - the format is now regionalised.

Last Month, Ubisoft began to sue those responsible for the DDoS attacks on its title. In October 2019, the French publisher sued Rainbow Six hackers.

Fans are already gearing up for Rainbow Six Siege Year 5, and the pass took second place in the Steam charts last week. The Year 5 pass was released for PC on February 18th.

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