Ubisoft shakes up the Rainbow Six Siege esport format

Ubisoft shakes up the Rainbow Six Siege esport format

Ubisoft has made some changes to the Rainbow Six Siege esports format.

As revealed in an update on Ubisoft's website, the main change is that the format has become regionalised. The four regions are Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

"Regionalizing our program is the natural next step for Ubisoft to enhance the specificities and successes of each region and keep building upon the momentum from the past five years of Rainbow Six esports," reads the update.

"As developing our local scenes has always been part of our DNA. This new program allows a stronger focus on local particularities and an increased diversity in the different choices of esports programs. All of this will feed into one exciting global race towards a qualification for the Six Invitational, the pinnacle of the Rainbow Six competitive year."

The Asia-Pacific region will be split into two divisions. The North Division will be comprised of 12 teams across Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the South division will offer opportunities to the Oceanic market and South Asia.

Europe will expand to 10 teams, as will Latin America - the former is also receiving partnerships from FaceIt and LiveNation. The Latin American region will now support three divisions - Mexico, South America and Brazil.

As for North America, both Canada and the US will now have separate divisions.

On top of these regional changes, the Rainbow Six Siege competitive year will now be split into four quarters. The first three will be known as stages, a major - involving the top four teams - will take place at the end of each stage. Quarter four will be dedicated to regional finals and relegations. All four regional programs will run alongside each other.

A new points system will determine which teams qualify for the Six Invitational event. How well the teams perform across the four quarters will determine if they are invited to the prestigious event.

In 2019, the game hit 55 million players. Ubisoft has attracted 20 million new players since June 2018. In December 2019, the French publisher made changes to the team behind the online shooter.

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