Rainbow Six Siege director says making sequel would be a mistake

Rainbow Six Siege director says making sequel would be a mistake

The creative director on Rainbow Six Siege, Alexander Karpazis, has said that there are no plans to make a sequel to the long-running online shooter.

Speaking to media at the Siege Invitational 2024 in Brazil – as reported by PC Gamer – the developer said that making a new version of the title would be a "mistake" given the challenges that come with the territory, including moving to a more modern engine.

Rainbow Six Siege launched back in 2015. It runs on the then-current version of Ubisoft's Anvil engine, AnvilNext 2.0. Since the company has upgraded to a version simply dubbed Ubisoft Anvil.

"The idea of switching engines to something that can be off-the-shelf ready simply doesn't answer the needs of a really competitive and demanding game like Siege," he said.

"I'm not going to name names, but you see games that did go through sequels and just completely drop the ball because they have to remake every single thing that they did in that first game."

He continued: "It can be really frustrating, really costly, and in the end, it doesn't even give you anything that was a benefit. If you know what you have to begin with, and you build it up, that is where we see success. And that is where we know we can take Siege into the future."

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