Castlevania returns to Netflix in March 2020

Castlevania returns to Netflix in March 2020

Netflix's animated Castlevania series is returning next month. 

The news was revealed by the streaming service's Twitter account (below), with the third series of the popular show set to drop on March 5th.

That's, of course, later than the December 1st release date that was previously revealed, for some reason, by Netflix's Nordic Twitter account. Director Samuel Deets put a stop to those rumours when he revealed work was still being done to the final episode.

At first, the series had a four-episode debut on the streaming service in 2017. The following year, it was given a full season.

Netflix has begun to build a portfolio of games related programmes. In December 2019, The Witcher made its long-awaited debut. A second season was confirmed before the first episode aired. Following the success of the TV show, a new animated Witcher film will be coming to Netflix.

A programme for the run and gun game Cuphead is also in the works for the streaming service.

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