Blizzard to halt Overwatch matches if cheating is detected

Blizzard to halt Overwatch matches if cheating is detected

Blizzard has said it’ll be upping its anti-cheat game for online shooter Overwatch.

In a developer update video on YouTube (below), game director Jeff Kaplan has claimed any match with cheating involved will shut down. The game developer said that players innocent of cheating will not be penalised and that a match ending will not affect competitive standing. The cheater can expect to be dealt with harshly. This isn’t the first time Blizzard has faced such toxicity.

Details on how Blizzard will detect cheaters haven’t been revealed. Kaplan has kept that to himself, potentially to make it more difficult for cheaters to find a way around the new detection system. With matches now being shut down, cheaters may be put off good with not being able to finish a match or wanting to avoid any harsh action. Blizzard have offered endorsements to improve behaviour in the past, wanting toxic play to be gone from Overwatch.

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