Autonauts is Curve Digital's fourth top-grossing game

Autonauts is Curve Digital's fourth top-grossing game

After seven days Autonauts has become Curve Digital’s fourth top-grossing game.

The publisher’s colonisation game - developed by Scottish developer Denki - was released on October 17th. Curve Digital is best-known in recent times for Human: Fall Flat - which has sold four million units as of June 2018, having shifted 1.7 million units for PC in February of that year.

Denki and the London based publisher have claimed that its newest title will receive new features and content over the next six months. On top of this, the upcoming content will be added free of charge.

”Everyone at Curve was totally enraptured with Autonauts the moment we first set eyes on it – so to see it received so well globally has been a genuine thrill,” said Simon Byron, publishing director at Curve Digital.

“To become Curve’s fourth highest-grossing Steam game within four days of launch is a real endorsement of the game Denki have created. With some significant free updates in the works, this is just the start of our adorable Bots’ adventures.”

Denki creative director Gary Penn added: "The response to Autonauts has been just phenomenal. We want to thank everyone for supporting the game, not only since its launch on Steam but also back in the old pre-pre-pre-Alpha days on

"My dev bud Aaron and I are amazed by what players are doing with Autonauts: some cunning script ideas, some lovely-looking worlds and some surprising bugs, which we're fixing - and acting on suggestions, too.

“We're also working on lots of fab new ideas for free future updates, like more technology, machines, structures, vehicles, resources and a whole new Age for the game. We'll share more about all that Autonaut-y goodness real, real soon."

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