EA is bringing its games back to Steam

EA is bringing its games back to Steam

Publishing giant EA has finally returned to Valve's Steam platform. 

Announced via Electronic Arts website, the new partnership has kicked off with the forthcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is now available for pre-order on Valve’s storefront. The game will be released on November 15th.

Besides Fallen Order, other popular EA titles such as FIFA 20, Battlefield V and Apex Legends - which just surpassed 70 million players - will also be available.

The firm's subscription service EA Access is set to launch on Steam in spring 2020, Valve’s storefront will be the fourth platform to support the membership.

Last week, rumours began to swirl that EA would bring its games back to Steam. Reddit users reported Bioware’s EA published fantasy RPG Dragon Age II had received a new package on the store.

On top of this, Valve unveiled planned changes to its store in March 2019 - in the demonstration eagle eye viewers spotted EA Origins exclusive title Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

“A library of titles awaits you in The Vault, but beyond the games themselves, EA Access enhances your gaming experience with a medley of rewards,” said EA in a site update.

“Get the red-carpet treatment with exclusive catalogue-wide discounts and in-game member benefits for some of our biggest franchises.”

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