Here's what Steam is going to look like in the near future

Here's what Steam is going to look like in the near future

Valve gave attendees at GDC 2019 a look at the changes it is making to its Steam storefront.

In the Steam Business Update talk at the San Francisco show, Valve's Tom Giardino, Kassidy Gerber, Alden Kroll and Ricky Uy unveiled a brand new forthcoming feature - Events.

This is a dedicated page showing which games in a user's library have upcoming events, and is heading to open beta in the next few months. 'Events' can be anything from tournaments and free weekends to flash sales for games in a user's wishlist.

And speaking of the Steam Library, this is receiving a fresh lick of paint, too, with a more key-art centric approach a la Netflix (below).

Meanwhile, developers are receiving their own homepages now, a feature that publishers have had for some time.

The Valve reps also went into detail about how much data it was delivering to consumers in software. That figure delivered a whopping 13 exabytes - that's 13bn gigabytes - of game installs and updates to consumers.

With renewed competition in the PC storefront space, market leader Valve needs to try and stay ahead of the crowd with Steam. Both Epic and Discord are offering competitive revenue sharing policies - 88/12 and 90/10 respectively - while Steam is hanging at 70/30. In this year's GDC developer survey, many game makers said they did not feel that Valve was doing enough to earn its 30 per cent cut.

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