Could EA be returning to Valve's storefront

Could EA be returning to Valve's storefront

Publishing giant EA could be set to make a return to Steam.

According to Steam’s Reddit community, various activities have occurred leading them to believe EA is making its long-awaited return to Valve’s storefront.

In March 2019, Valve unveiled various changes it planned to make to its storefront. Curiously, in the demonstration Mirror’s Edge Catalyst could be seen, an EA title sold exclusively on the Origin store.

A test update - as shown on Twitter (below) - for an old app involved Origin integration, leading the Steam community to believe it’s another sign that the American firm is planning to return some of its titles to Valve’s store.

Recently, EA’s 2011 fantasy RPG Dragon Age II received a new package on Steam, a possible indication that EA is gearing up to release it on the store.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the fact that a Steam user played The Saboteur, it was released in 2009 and isn’t even on sale on the storefront. However, the activity was recorded in December last year.

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