The Epic Games Store receives an update to bring in more cloud saves and Humble Bundle keyless Integration

The Epic Games Store receives an update to bring in more cloud saves and Humble Bundle keyless Integration

In its August update, Epic Games has brought more cloud saves and Humble Bundle keyless integration to its store.

A statement on its site confirms that the Fortnite maker has launched an update for its store. These features arrive following several delayed updates made by the company.

Originally due to launch last month, store users can now use keyless integration with Humble Bundle. A link between the two accounts allows players to purchase games directly from the Humble Bundle store without a redemption key.

“Complete your purchase of a game for the Epic Games store on Humble and the game will automatically appear in your library,” said Epic in an update.

“This is one step we are taking towards creating an open ecosystem for players, and we’re looking at more partnerships with highly reputable digital game sellers.”

Cloud saves support

Initially launching in July following a pushback, the cloud saves feature only supported two games, This War of Mine and Moonlighter.

Hyper Light Drifter was supporting the feature. However, due to an unforeseen issue, the cloud save has been disabled.

Below is a list of games supporting the cloud saves feature:

  • Alan Wake, Microsoft
  • Close to the Sun, Wired Productions
  • Darksiders III, THQ Nordic
  • Enter the Gungeon, Devolver Digital
  • Genesis Alpha One, Team17 Digital Limited
  • GNOG, Double Fine
  • Kingdom New Lands, Raw Fury
  • Limbo, Playdead
  • Moonlighter, 11 Bit Studios
  • Mutant Year Zero, Funcorn
  • Overcooked, Team17
  • Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Double Damage Games
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, Bigben Interactive
  • The Sinking City, Bigben Interactive
  • This War of Mine, 11 Bit Studios
  • World War Z, Mad Dog Games

“We’re working with the developers of other released games to test cloud saves, and will be enabling more games over time. Upcoming games that support Cloud Saves will have them enabled at launch.” Epic.added/

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