Updates to the Epic Games Store delayed

Updates to the Epic Games Store delayed

Epic Games has promised many updates to its store, many of which have pushed back.

According to PCinvasion, many features that consumers have been looking forward to have been delayed. There have been no announcements concerning these delays; rather, it has merely changed the intended launch dates on the Trello board it has used to showcase its update roadmap in the past.

Humble Bundle integration, a store redesign, player playtime tracking and store video hosting are among the features that have been bumped to August from July.

Earlier this year Epic released a roadmap for forthcoming features to its new games store, detailing all feature plans and release dates. Currently the Fortnite makes has only delivered on two promises; improvements to offline mode and cloud saves, the latter of which saw a delay ahead of its rollout.

Cloud saves are currently only available for two titles, with the trial having started in July. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney stated on Twitter that there is more work to do to get a wider catalogue of games supporting the feature.

It isn’t the first time the Epic Games Store has come under fire, with many consumers complaining about the exclusive rights the company continues to purchase. These include Borderlands 3, The Outer Worlds by Obsidian and Metro Exodus which was pulled from Steam following months of being available for pre-order.

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