Valve's new Index VR headset is at the expensive end of the spectrum

Valve's new Index VR headset is at the expensive end of the spectrum

PC giant Valve has revealed its next virtual reality play with the Index headset.

Teased last month - and trademarked in October 2018 - the Index is a new pricey head-mounted display that uses 1440 by 1600 pixel LCD displays with an impressive frame rate of 120Hz - higher than the 90 that was used with Vive VR.

It also uses new input method with the Valve Index Controllers, which tracks not just hand movement but also fingers. Like its Vive VR predecessor, there are base stations to help track everything.

Where before Valve teamed up with HTC for its Vive VR headset, this one looks like it has entirely been designed and made in-house. Index is backwards compatible with Vive hardware, too.

Pre-orders are opening tomorrow and index is set to ship by June 28th, 2019. All the above hardware clocks in at $999, which makes it a pricey affair compared to Oculus' Rift S and Quest headsets - each $399. The headset alone costs $499, with the controllers clocking in at $279.

Valve is going to be at the forthcoming PC Connects Seattle 2019. More info here and tickets can be purchased right here

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