Over two million people have donated a total of more than $200m to Star Citizen

Over two million people have donated a total of more than $200m to Star Citizen

Ambitious crowdfunded sci-ti title Star Citizen has now raised more than $200m from its fans.

That's according to the game's funding page, which keeps a running total in real-time of how much money the project has made. At the time of writing, Star Citizen has raised $200,199,320 from 2,126,446 fans.

This funding began in 2012 when Wing Commander developer Chris Roberts took to Kickstarter where it raised $2,134,374 from 34,397 backers. Back then the title had a 2014 release date, a launch window that it has decisively missed at this point in time, more than four years later.

The game currently doesn't have a release date, but the current roadmap points to the 3.6.0 alpha update rolling out at some point in Q2 2019. Don't worry, though. We might be finding out when single-player campaign Squadron 42 is launching next month.

In the last month, the game has raised in the region of $5m. In just one week in October - following a bout of new trailers from developer Roberts Space Initiative - the game raised more than $1m in just a week.

In 2017, Star Citizen raised $34.91m - double the total amount raised by video game Kickstarters for the year as a whole

And just to pre-empt any comments from the always-zealous Star Citizen fanbase - we're not implying for a moment that this game is a money-making scam; we kn.. (Ed - That's enough now

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